Tattersalls Autumn Horses In Training Sale - 29th October - 1st November 2018

9th October 2018 - 1st December 2018

This table shows a list of the available lots for this event
HorseLotGenderDoBColourSireDamAgeRacing Form
Sweet Pearl (GB)23Filly09/02/2016BayDUNADEN (FR)BLONDE (IRE)2View
Black Tie (IRE)81Colt23/02/2016GreySIYOUNI (FR)MISS GEORGIE (IRE)2View
Reconnaissance (GB)82Colt14/04/2016BayLOPE DE VEGA (IRE)VICTRIX LUDORUM (IRE)2View
Royal Dynasty (GB)83Filly18/04/2016BayCHARM SPIRIT (IRE)MILLISECOND (GB)2View
Financial Conduct (IRE)341Gelding18/03/2014BayHARBOUR WATCH (IRE)POPOLO (IRE)4View
Archaeology (GB)342Colt21/03/2016BayCHARM SPIRIT (IRE)SHUTTLE MISSION (GB)2View
White Guard (GB)427Colt23/03/2015BayFRANKEL (GB)ARBELLA (GB)3View
Hold The Universe (IRE)428Filly11/03/2016BaySEA THE STARS (IRE)WHOS MINDIN WHO (IRE)2 -
Stay Forever (FR)429Filly17/01/2016BayHARBOUR WATCH (IRE)STYBBA (GB)2View
Brutal (IRE)630Colt21/01/2014BayPIVOTAL (GB)LORETO (IRE)4View
Fearless Warrior (FR)820Colt02/04/2016ChesnutSEA THE STARS (IRE)MAMBO LIGHT (USA)2View
New Queen (GB)822Filly28/02/2016BayCHARM SPIRIT (IRE)AIR BISCUIT (IRE)2View
Devilish (GB)940Colt27/04/2015BayINVINCIBLE SPIRIT (IRE)L'ENJOLEUSE (IRE)3View
Off Piste (GB)941Colt27/03/2016ChesnutRELIABLE MAN (GB)HAMLOOLA (GB)2View
Gold Arrow (GB)942Filly13/01/2016BayHAVANA GOLD (IRE)PEARL SPIRIT (IRE)2View
Bless Him (IRE)1149Colt08/04/2014BaySEA THE STARS (IRE)HAPPY LAND (IRE)4View
South Seas (IRE)1150Gelding19/03/2014ChesnutLOPE DE VEGA (IRE)LET IT BE ME (USA)4View
Sirjack Thomas (IRE)1151Colt10/04/2015GreyFAST COMPANY (IRE)VELIYKA (IRE)3View
Blue de Vega (GER)1197Colt28/03/2013BayLOPE DE VEGA (IRE)BURNING HEIGHTS (GER)5View
Raid (IRE)1198Colt13/03/2015BayHAVANA GOLD (IRE)REMARKABLE STORY (GB)3View
True Hero (GB)1199Colt07/02/2016BayCHARM SPIRIT (IRE)BELDALE MEMORY (IRE)2View
Life on Earth (USA)1200Filly13/03/2015BayANIMAL KINGDOM (USA)CUKEE (USA)3View
Kingdom of Gold (IRE)1250Colt11/04/2016ChesnutINTIKHAB (USA)INDOLENTE (IRE)2 -
Puma Strike (USA)1251Colt29/03/2016ChesnutKITTEN'S JOY (USA)LA CORUNA (USA)2View
Hidden Pearl (GB)1252Filly13/02/2016ChesnutDUNADEN (FR)VOLKOVKHA (GB)2View
Moons of Saturn (GB)1315Filly27/01/2016BayHAVANA GOLD (IRE)DARK RECKONING (GB)2 -
Rare Pearl (GB)1316Filly25/02/2016BayDUNADEN (FR)BELLE BLONDE (IRE)2 -
Favori Royal (FR)1378Gelding08/05/2015BayWOOTTON BASSETT (GB)MATIN DE TEMPETE (FR)3 -
Wing Defence (GB)1379Filly15/01/2016BayCHARM SPIRIT (IRE)VALONIA (GB)2View
Desert Lion (GB)1508Colt05/02/2016BayLOPE DE VEGA (IRE)SORELLA BELLA (IRE)2 -
Show of Strength (IRE)1509Colt31/03/2016BayDARK ANGEL (IRE)KATE THE GREAT (GB)2View
Wiretap (FR)1510Colt01/01/2016BayCHARM SPIRIT (IRE)YSPER (FR)2View
Loving Pearl (GB)1580Filly12/04/2016BayDUNADEN (FR)FOREVER LOVED (GB)2View
Shape of Water (IRE)1581Filly25/03/2016BayCHARM SPIRIT (IRE)MILL GUINEAS (USA)2View
Pearl Warrior (GB)1617Colt18/04/2016ChesnutDUNADEN (FR)PURE SPECULATION (GB)2View
Vast Kingdom (GB)1618Colt24/02/2016BayRULER OF THE WORLD (IRE)SPATE (IRE)2View
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