Qatar Racing145 horses

2015 Out of Accusation (USA)2BayfillyMIDNIGHT LUTE (USA)ACCUSATION (USA)Wesley Ward
2015 Out of Arbella (GB)2BaycoltFRANKEL (GB)ARBELLA (GB)Sir Mark Prescott
2015 Out of Catch The Sea (IRE)2BayfillyKODIAC (GB)CATCH THE SEA (IRE)Richard Hannon
2015 Out of Charity Belle (AUS)1BayfillyZOUSTAR (AUS)CHARITY BELLE (AUS)Robert Smerdon
2015 Out of Chocolate Mauk (USA)2BayfillyLOPE DE VEGA (IRE)CHOCOLATE MAUK (USA)Johnny Murtagh
2015 Out of Combat Kitty (AUS)1BayfillyZOUSTAR (AUS)COMBAT KITTY (AUS)Chris Waller
2015 Out of Crecy (GB)2BayfillyDAWN APPROACH (IRE)CRECY (GB)John Gosden
2015 Out of Cross Pattee (IRE)2BayfillyAL KAZEEM (GB)CROSS PATTEE (IRE)Johnny Murtagh
2015 Out of Crystal Choir (GB)1BrowncoltZOUSTAR (AUS)CRYSTAL CHOIR (GB)Robert Smerdon
2015 Out of Crystal Gaze (IRE)2BayfillyFRANKEL (GB)CRYSTAL GAZE (IRE)Ger Lyons
2015 Out of Cukee (USA)2BayfillyANIMAL KINGDOM (USA)CUKEE (USA)William Haggas
2015 Out of Czarna Roza (GB)2BayfillyMAKFI (GB)CZARNA ROZA (GB)Ralph Beckett
2015 Out of Fame Is The Spur (GB)2BrownfillyHARBOUR WATCH (IRE)FAME IS THE SPUR (GB)Ger Lyons
2015 Out of Fraloga (IRE)2BaycoltINTELLO (GER)FRALOGA (IRE)Andrew Balding
2015 Out of Gossamer Seed (IRE)2GreycoltNATHANIEL (IRE)GOSSAMER SEED (IRE)John Gosden
2015 Out of Hometime (GB)2ChesnutcoltSHAMARDAL (USA)HOMETIME (GB)Michael Bell
2015 Out of Honorine (IRE)2ChesnutfillyFRANKEL (GB)HONORINE (IRE)Sir Michael Stoute
2015 Out of Intapeace (IRE)2BayfillyDAWN APPROACH (IRE)INTAPEACE (IRE)Ralph Beckett
2015 Out of L'Enjoleuse (IRE)2BaycoltINVINCIBLE SPIRIT (IRE)L'ENJOLEUSE (IRE)Freddy Head
2015 Out of Lightening Pearl (IRE)2BayfillyFRANKEL (GB)LIGHTENING PEARL (IRE)Ger Lyons
2015 Out of Maramba (USA)2BayfillyMAKFI (GB)MARAMBA (USA)David Simcock
2015 Out of Marine Bleue (IRE)2BaycoltDUBAWI (IRE)MARINE BLEUE (IRE)John Gosden
2015 Out of Miarixa (FR)2BayfillyGALILEO (IRE)MIARIXA (FR)Sir Michael Stoute
2015 Out of Millistar (GB)2BaycoltHENRYTHENAVIGATOR (USA)MILLISTAR (GB)Andrew Balding
2015 Out of Miss Plimsoll (USA)2BaycoltSCAT DADDY (USA)MISS PLIMSOLL (USA)M Delzangles
2015 Out of Missouri Belle (GB)2BrownfillyLOPE DE VEGA (IRE)MISSOURI BELLE (GB)Ger Lyons
2015 Out of Oh Sedulous (IRE)2ChesnutfillyLOPE DE VEGA (IRE)OH SEDULOUS (IRE)Joseph O'Brien
2015 Out of Pasar Silbano (IRE)1BaycoltZOUSTAR (AUS)PASAR SILBANO (IRE)Chris Waller
2015 Out of Plume Rose (GB)2BrownfillyDARK ANGEL (IRE)PLUME ROSE (GB)Francois Rohaut
2015 Out of Princess Mood (GER)2ChesnutcoltHARBOUR WATCH (IRE)PRINCESS MOOD (GER)Andrew Balding
2015 Out of Pussycat Lips (IRE)2BayfillySCAT DADDY (USA)PUSSYCAT LIPS (IRE)William Haggas
2015 Out of Queen Of The Falls (AUS)1BaycoltZOUSTAR (AUS)QUEEN OF THE FALLS (AUS)Chris Waller
2015 Out of Radio Gaga (GB)2BayfillyHAVANA GOLD (IRE)RADIO GAGA (GB)David Simcock
2015 Out of Rossarita (AUS)1BrowncoltZOUSTAR (AUS)ROSSARITA (AUS)Chris Waller
2015 Out of Sananda (IRE)1BayfillySNITZEL (AUS)SANANDA (IRE)Chris Waller
2015 Out of Soar (GB)2BaycoltLETHAL FORCE (IRE)SOAR (GB)Richard Hannon
2015 Out of Souviens Toi (GB)2BayfillyOASIS DREAM (GB)SOUVIENS TOI (GB)Sir Michael Stoute
2015 Out of Sparkle Plenty (IRE)2BayfillyOASIS DREAM (GB)SPARKLE PLENTY (IRE)JC Rouget
2015 Out of Stunned Silence (USA)2BayfillyZOFFANY (IRE)STUNNED SILENCE (USA)Joseph O'Brien
2015 Out of Sutton Veny (IRE)2BayfillyLOPE DE VEGA (IRE)SUTTON VENY (IRE)David Simcock
2015 Out of Tehamana (IRE)2BaycoltWOOTTON BASSETT (GB)TEHAMANA (IRE)JC Rouget
2015 Out of Tell The Wind (IRE)2BayfillyHARBOUR WATCH (IRE)TELL THE WIND (IRE)Ralph Beckett
2015 Out of Tentpole (USA)2BaycoltHAVANA GOLD (IRE)TENTPOLE (USA)Andrew Balding
2015 Out of Tia Kia (IRE)2BaycoltMAKFI (GB)TIA KIA (IRE)M Delzangles
2015 Out of Totally Cosmic (USA)2ChesnutfillyHAVANA GOLD (IRE)TOTALLY COSMIC (USA)David Simcock
2015 Out of Untouched Talent (USA)2fillyGALILEO (IRE)UNTOUCHED TALENT (USA)Ralph Beckett
2015 Out of Victrix Ludorum (IRE)2BayfillyFRANKEL (GB)VICTRIX LUDORUM (IRE)David Simcock
2015 Out of Vionnet (USA)2GreycoltKITTEN'S JOY (USA)VIONNET (USA)John Gosden
2015 Out of You Don't Love Me (IRE)2BayfillyMAKFI (GB)YOU DON'T LOVE ME (IRE)Pascal Bary
2015 Out of You Look So Good (GB)2ChesnutfillyHAVANA GOLD (IRE)YOU LOOK SO GOOD (GB)Ger Lyons
Act of Union (GB)3BayfillyMAKFI (GB)POP ALLIANCE (IRE)Ralph Beckett
Act of Valour (GB)3BaycoltHARBOUR WATCH (IRE)B BERRY BRANDY (USA)Michael O'Callaghan
Belle Diva (IRE)3BayfillyDARK ANGEL (IRE)RED INTRIGUE (IRE)Ralph Beckett
Bless Him (IRE)3BaycoltSEA THE STARS (IRE)HAPPY LAND (IRE)David Simcock
Bletchley (GB)3BayfillyMAKFI (GB)AN GHALANTA (IRE)Ralph Beckett
Blue de Vega (GER)4BaycoltLOPE DE VEGA (IRE)BURNING HEIGHTS (GER)Michael O'Callaghan
Brutal (IRE)3BaycoltPIVOTAL (GB)LORETO (IRE)Ger Lyons
Bybrook (GB)4BayfillyDUBAWI (IRE)DIARY (IRE)David Simcock
Cannonball (IRE)3BaycoltLOPE DE VEGA (IRE)TWO SETS TO LOVE (IRE)Ger Lyons
Cape to Cuba (GB)3BayfillyHARBOUR WATCH (IRE)CZARNA ROZA (GB)James Fanshawe
Change Maker (GB)2ChesnutcoltHAVANA GOLD (IRE)BELLE ALLEMANDE (CAN)Andrew Balding
Chemical Charge (IRE)5ChesnutcoltSEA THE STARS (IRE)JAKONDA (USA)Ralph Beckett
Chicissime (FR)3BayfillySUNDAY BREAK (JPN)BELLE DAME (GER)Francois Rohaut
Ciarlet (AUS)4BayfillyNORTHERN METEOR (AUS)ZOUZOU (AUS)Chris Waller
Count Octave (GB)3BaycoltFRANKEL (GB)HONORINE (IRE)Andrew Balding
Deep Dream (GB)4BayfillyDREAM AHEAD (USA)JESSICA'S DREAM (IRE)Andrew Balding
Deep Sea (JPN)3BayfillyDEEP IMPACT (JPN)SHAMROCKER (NZ)Ralph Beckett
Dulverton (AUS)4BrownfillyCOMMANDS (AUS)RATHLIN ISLAND (AUS)Robert Smerdon
Duplication (IRE)3BaycoltREQUINTO (IRE)PRIMESHADE PROMISE (GB)Joseph O'Brien
Eastern Harbour (GB)3ChesnutcoltHARBOUR WATCH (IRE)EASTERN LILY (USA)Ger Lyons
Edge of The World (IRE)2BayfillyFASTNET ROCK (AUS)LADY LINKS (GB)Ralph Beckett
Elm Park (GB)5BaycoltPHOENIX REACH (IRE)LADY BRORA (GB)Andrew Balding
Endless Drama (IRE)5BaycoltLOPE DE VEGA (IRE)DESERT DRAMA (IRE)Chris Waller
Fearsome (GB)3BaycoltMAKFI (GB)LIXIAN (GB)Ralph Beckett
Fierce Impact (JPN)3BaycoltDEEP IMPACT (JPN)KEIAI GERBERA (JPN)David Simcock
Fife (AUS)4BayfillySTARCRAFT (NZ)DANE BELLTAR (AUS)Robert Smerdon
Flourishing (GB)3BayfillyEXCEED AND EXCEL (AUS)MI ANNA (GER)Sir Michael Stoute
For The Roses (GB)3BayfillyNATHANIEL (IRE)IVORY ROSE (GB)Ralph Beckett
Fourth Way (GB)4BayfillyIFFRAAJ (GB)SPIRITUAL AIR (GB)Ralph Beckett
Goldmember (GB)4ChesnutcoltNEW APPROACH (IRE)SISTER ACT (GB)David Simcock
Harbour Beacon (GB)3BaycoltHARBOUR WATCH (IRE)BLUE BEACON (GB)Ger Lyons
Harbour Rock (GB)3BaycoltHARBOUR WATCH (IRE)ROCK LILY (GB)David Simcock
Harbour Siren (GB)3BayfillyHARBOUR WATCH (IRE)DEE DEE GIRL (IRE)David Brown
Hursley (NZ)4BaygeldingMAKFI (GB)ILLUMINATES (AUS)Chris Waller
Impact Point (JPN)3BaycoltDEEP IMPACT (JPN)RUMBA BOOGIE (GB)Andrew Balding
Jaunty (NZ)3BayfillyO'REILLY (NZ)JOY (NZ)Chris Waller
Karpino (GER)5BaycoltCAPE CROSS (IRE)KAHARA (GB)Andreas Wohler
Ledbury (NZ)4BayfillyMAKFI (GB)CARNEGIE BELLE (NZ)John Wheeler
Lethal Impact (JPN)3BaycoltDEEP IMPACT (JPN)MUSICAL WAY (FR)David Simcock
Lightening Fast (GB)3BaycoltFRANKEL (GB)LIGHTENING PEARL (IRE)Ger Lyons
Lightning Spear (GB)6ChesnutcoltPIVOTAL (GB)ATLANTIC DESTINY (IRE)David Simcock
Lorimer (AUS)3ChesnutcoltMAKFI (GB)FARASHA (NZ)Robert Smerdon
Love Conquers (JPN)3BayfillyDEEP IMPACT (JPN)LOVE AND BUBBLES (USA)Ralph Beckett
Lustrous Light (IRE)4ChesnutcoltGALILEO (IRE)GLINTING DESERT (IRE)Ger Lyons
Mantovani (FR)2BaycoltHIGH CHAPARRAL (IRE)RIPLEY (GER)Andre Fabre
Marine One (GB)3BaycoltFRANKEL (GB)MARINE BLEUE (IRE)David Simcock
Melodic Motion (IRE)3BayfillyNATHANIEL (IRE)QUAD'S MELODY (IRE)Ralph Beckett
Mendip (NZ)4BayfillyMAKFI (GB)PRIMERA DAMA (NZ)John Wheeler
Miami Blue (IRE)3BayfillyKODIAC (GB)HEMARIS (IRE)Ger Lyons
Ming Dynasty (FR)5BaygeldingKING'S BEST (USA)MEMOIRE (FR)M Delzangles
Mother of Dragons (IRE)2ChesnutfillySOCIETY ROCK (IRE)QUEEN O'THE DESERT (IRE)Joe Tuite
Mountain Bell (GB)4BayfillyMOUNT NELSON (GB)SHENIR (GB)Ralph Beckett
Movie Star (GER)2BayfillySOLDIER HOLLOW (GB)MOUETTE (GER)Andreas Wohler
Murgan (GB)5BaycoltGALILEO (IRE)APPROACH (GB)Stuart Kittow
Naval Warfare (IRE)3BaycoltBORN TO SEA (IRE)THREE DAYS IN MAY (GB)Andrew Balding
Neolithic (USA)4BaycoltHARLAN'S HOLIDAY (USA)SWINGIT (USA)Todd Pletcher
New World Power (IRE)4BaycoltDEEP IMPACT (JPN)LISTEN (IRE)David Simcock
Noble Conquest (FR)3BaycoltSIYOUNI (FR)VISUALIZE (GB)Sir Michael Stoute
Pallasator (GB)8BaygeldingMOTIVATOR (GB)ELA ATHENA (GB)Sir Mark Prescott
Partyman (IRE)3ChesnutcoltCHOISIR (AUS)PASHMINA (IRE)Ger Lyons
Peace Terms (IRE)3BayfillyTEOFILO (IRE)INTAPEACE (IRE)Ralph Beckett
Portman (NZ)4BaygeldingMAKFI (GB)FARASHA (NZ)Danny O'Brien
Proctor (GB)4BaygeldingMAKFI (GB)SUPER MOTIVA (GB)Stuart Kittow
Promise of Peace (JPN)3ChesnutcoltKING KAMEHAMEHA (JPN)PEACE OF WORLD (JPN)Andreas Wohler
Revel (GB)3BaycoltMAKFI (GB)CECILY (GB)Stuart Williams
Rich Legacy (IRE)3BayfillyHOLY ROMAN EMPEROR (IRE)BORGHESA (GER)Ralph Beckett
Sansa (NZ)2BayfillyMAKFI (GB)ROSA'S SPUR (AUS)Chris Waller
Savannah Storm (GB)4BaycoltDUBAWI (IRE)SAVANNAH BELLE (GB)Ger Lyons
Scorching Heat (GB)3BaycoltACCLAMATION (GB)PINK FLAMES (IRE)Andrew Balding
Secret Gaze (GB)2BayfillyGALILEO (IRE)SHASTYE (IRE)Ralph Beckett
Shelbysmile (USA)4BayfillySMART STRIKE (CAN)SULTANA (USA)Brendan Walsh
Son of The Stars (GB)3BaycoltDELEGATOR (GB)MICHELLE SHIFT (GB)Richard Hannon
Soul Silver (IRE)3ChesnutfillyDRAGON PULSE (IRE)FREE LANCE (IRE)David Simcock
South Seas (IRE)3ChesnutcoltLOPE DE VEGA (IRE)LET IT BE ME (USA)Andrew Balding
Special Ops (GB)3BaycoltFRANKEL (GB)DIARY (IRE)Ger Lyons
Star Story (GB)3BayfillySEA THE STARS (IRE)STYLISH ONE (IRE)Ralph Beckett
Subatomic (GB)3BayfillyMAKFI (GB)MISS UNIVERSE (IRE)Ralph Beckett
Sumbal (IRE)5BaycoltDANEHILL DANCER (IRE)ALIX ROAD (FR)David Simcock
Transatlantic (IRE)3BaycoltGALILEO (IRE)SENT FROM HEAVEN (IRE)William Haggas
True Valour (IRE)3BaycoltKODIAC (GB)SUTTON VENY (IRE)Johnny Murtagh
War At Sea (IRE)3ChesnutcoltMASTERCRAFTSMAN (IRE)SWIRLING (IRE)David Simcock
War Brigade (FR)3BaycoltMANDURO (GER)ADJUDICATE (GB)David Simcock
War of Succession (GB)3BaycoltCASAMENTO (IRE)ROHLINDI (GB)Andrew Balding
Warring States (JPN)3ChesnutcoltVICTOIRE PISA (JPN)CILIEGE (JPN)Andreas Wohler
Westerly Wind (AUS)2BaycoltHARBOUR WATCH (IRE)VIATOR (AUS)Robert Smerdon
Wings Ablaze (IRE)3BayfillyDARK ANGEL (IRE)HUCKING HOT (GB)Michael O'Callaghan
Wishing Time (IRE)3BayfillyFRANKEL (GB)BEYOND DESIRE (GB)David O'Meara

Pearl Bloodstock9 horses

2015 Out of Kirkinola (GB)2BayfillyMOTIVATOR (GB)KIRKINOLA (GB)M Delzangles
Chapter Seven (GB)8ChesnutgeldingEXCELLENT ART (GB)MY FIRST ROMANCE (GB)Ger Lyons
Current Event (FR)10BaygeldingMUHTATHIR (GB)LA CURAMALAL (IRE)Rose Loxton
Diamonds Pour Moi (GB)4BayfillyPOUR MOI (IRE)DIAMOND LIGHT (USA)Ralph Beckett
Great Pearl (JPN)4BaycoltKING KAMEHAMEHA (JPN)FORTUNE WORD (JPN)Mitsu Nakauchida
King Pearl (JPN)5BaycoltKING KAMEHAMEHA (JPN)PINK PAPILLON (JPN)Mitsu Nakauchida
Pearl Code (JPN)4BrownfillyVICTOIRE PISA (JPN)MAGIC CODE (USA)Mitsu Nakauchida
Pearl Congenial (AUS)3BayfillyGIO PONTI (USA)CONGENIAL (AUS)Robert Smerdon
Pearl Dragon (FR)6BaycoltNICOBAR (GB)LA MARLIA (FR)M Delzangles